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Wood on the floor - sustainable choices.

Is every wooden floor ecofriendly? Unfortunately not.

What are the 2 main criteria?

1. wood origin: from certified forestry (e.g. FSC - I’ll talk about it ina next post),

or recycled

2. varnishes, oils and adhesives for treatment and impregnation

have to be eco and safe for health.

It is also worth choosing local companies to reduce transport-related emissions.

Wooden floors are divided into:

- OILED (enhances the natural structure of wood,

must be re-impregnated once a year)

- PAINTED (smooth, less rough finish,

ecological varnishes are those water-based one-component)

Do you like wood on the floor?

Building a better world. Together.

SAVAGAYA / Natalia Szyk-Trocha

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