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Natalia Szyk Trocha - Founder of Savagaya

Hi, my name is Natalia,

I am an architect. Two years ago

I quit my office job overnight and started doing what I really care about - eco architecture.

Over the past 2 years I have visited and recorded amazing houses in various parts of

the world, talked to their

owners and interviewed

leading experts.


I made all of this to learn

the secrets of designing, building and decorating

in any budget and with

low negative impact

on our planet. Now I share

my knowledge with you.


My mission is to make sustainable architecture accessible to everyone regardless of wealth.

My Story

Three years ago, almost overnight I quit a good job in an architectural office. I grew up to this decision for almost a year, exhausting myself terribly. I've always hated the routine. I am a traveler by nature. During

my studies I studied a year in Spain, worked a year in the Netherlands.

After graduation my life has became stable, I moved to Warsaw and went

on a typical vacation once a year. It was unbearable for me, it was not how

I imagined my adult life. Due to the stress of work, I ended up in a hospital

for 3 days because of attacks of breathlessness. That day I thought - enough,

I have to change something. And I changed ... everything :)

Together with my husband, we decided to spend all our life savings and

go to Thailand and Cambodia for 2 months. Back then I didn't know that

I was about to start a completely new chapter of my life.

One day I went for a walk through the jungle on a small paradise island where we lived. I will never forget that day. I walked and cried seeing the harm we’ve been doing to our planet. This wild jungle was literally cut from the inside and poured with a tons of concrete for the construction

of large resorts and casinos. I have always tried to live in harmony with nature, so this view was a disaster for me.

Once again I thought - enough. I am an architect and I know that we can build in the harmony with nature, and my mission is to make sustainable architecture accesible for everyone regardles of wealth. This is how the SAVAGAYA (Save Gaya) was born.


Today I live my dream, I travel all over the world recording extraordinary eco houses and telling the story of their owners. I know that a sustainable and healthy house can be built in any budget, I'd love to show you how.

I belive that together we can build a better world.

Natalia Szyk-Trocha

(architect, member of Polish Chamber of Architects, founder of SAVAGAYA)


Media Appearances

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