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Is Every Wood Eco-friendly? - Wood Certificates

Is all the wood eco friendly? Unfortunately not. So how to check if the wood we buy (e.g. furniture) is sustainably harvested?

Check certificates - the two most popular are FSC and PEFC. Thanks to the certificates, timber is harvested in a sustainable manner, without disturbing the natural environment.

- FSC - an international certificate that controls every step of production: forest condition, tree felling, processing, production, packaging, transport and sale - the highest standards must be met at every stage. FSC / PEFC-certified forests are biodiverse, both in terms of species and age of plants, and each cut tree must be replaced with new one.

By choosing certified wood, you take care of forests all over the world.

Building a better world. Together.

SAVAGAYA / Natalia Szyk-Trocha

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