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100% Bamboo House

Eco-friendly living - what does it actually mean?

For everyone it means something else, there is no 1 correct answer and that's great!

You can live sustainably in a thousand ways!

The same applies to 'ECO HOUSE' - I like this term, because it means everything and nothing, a sustainable house can have thousands of faces tailored to us and our needs!

Everything depends on you.

A week ago I watched the great series "Home" on Apple TV - 9 episodes, each shows a different face of the term "eco home". I'm gonna show you all of them in the following days.

Today a building made in 100% of bamboo, from construction, through finishing, to the smallest decorations, all bamboo.

It’s stunning!

Building a better world. Together.

SAVAGAYA / Natalia Szyk-Trocha

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