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How to get water when off-grid?

Do you wonder how to get potable water when not connected to the city waterworks?

There are few options.

1. WELL - cheap to make. Due to the small depth, it does not guarantee 100% water purity.

2. DEEP WELL - draws water from deep layers of the earth (15-20m), which greatly increases its purity.

when building a new well, we should check the water in laboratory

3. PUMP: helps supply water to the house

- manually

- windmill generating electricity

4. Rainwater harvesting - Suitable for drinking after purifiyng.

Greywater - to reduce the use of water double circulation is used. Water from shower or washing, after preliminary cleaning, is used to drain the toilet or watering.

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SAVAGAYA / Natalia Szyk-Trocha

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