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Sewage when off-grid

I’ve already wrote about how to get water when off the grid. Today we will have a look on how to deal with black water - sewage.

In traditional houses, we are connected to the citysewage system, or we have a tank that needs to be emptied regularly.

In self-sufficient houses, we use WASTEWATER TREATMENT, there are several types (from cheapest):

1. DRAINAGE - takes up quite a lot of space

2. SAND - sand is a cleansing layer

3. PLANT - soil and plants are a cleansing layer

4. BIOLOGICAL - microorganisms are used in the purification process

5. ACTIVE SLUDGE - very effective, takes up little space

They all work on a similar principle, dug into the ground, once a year you have to collect a small amount of sludge, they are odorless. 🌿

As simple as that! 😉

Do you have any questions?

Building a better world. Together!

SAVAGAYA / Natalia Szyk-Trocha

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