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Sustainable interiors

Natural interior is made of natural materials, preferably sourced from local manufacturers. In addition to their beautiful appearance, they will repay you with an amazing microclimate in the interior. The quality of life in a place where there are no artificial elements that adversely affect people is really completely different.

Sustainable interiors is a large and complex topic. If you're interested to find out more go check my article for Skanska (click), or webinar for Prosty plan (click).

In this article I'm gonna talk about the interiors in one of the houses I filmmed (Passive House Principles) ---> link

Eco elements of interior design: - natural fabrics, sofas, armchairs, curtains) - floor - natural boards, parquet - walls - mineral plaster - wood on the ceiling - visible construction element - natural boards, compact, not impregnated - natural sinter - in bathrooms

Why is local sourcing important? Because we do not contribute to the production of the carbon footprint by transporting a beautiful wicker armchair from distant Asia.

Building a better world. Together.

SAVAGAYA / Natalia Szyk - Trocha

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